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Discreet is being built by these talented humans.

Frederik MarkorCo-founder/DeveloperFrederik Oddershede Markor is a Danish-born software-developer and former CEO of Coin Nordic, having previously built and sold a Danish cryptocurrency exchange he is well-seasoned in the space of cryptocurrency and business and understands the pitfalls and advantages that cryptocurrency provides. Having relocated to Latvia, he's currently working on Discreet and learning new languages.
Brandon KoernerCo-founder/Lead DeveloperBrandon Koerner is a software developer with a background in computer science and advanced mathematics. He has worked for a number of cryptocurrency projects over the last several years and is the co-founder and lead developer of the Discreet project. He spends most of his freetime studying machine learning and mathematics.
Fraser TingleCommunications ConsultantFraser has spent nearly two decades as a marketing and communications specialist, working for various non-profits and corporations from his home in Canada. As a journalist, he has written for newspapers and magazines and has extensive experience in graphic design, web development, and videography. He and his wife Kathryn have four adorable children.
Ricki Funk JørgensenCore DeveloperRicki Funk Jørgensen is a Danish software developer and an AP Graduate in Computer Science. He's a back-end polyglot, with a focus on C# & .NET Core. Ricki specializes in building scalable and sustainable services that can run under heavy load. His skill set includes DevOps practices to automate tasks, and deploy and manage infrastructure.
Amaury Águila
Amaury Águila, PhDCore Developer/ResearcherAmaury Hernández-Águila is a computer scientist who started his career as a PHP web developer in 2006 and ended up with a PhD creating a blockchain programming language, financial market prediction algorithms, decentralized applications, and programming using languages in the families of Lisp and Forth. In addition to programming, he loves to write academic papers and to play video games.
Henrik Pihl HornslienCore Developer/ResearcherHenrik Pihl Hornslien is a Norwegian-born degreed computer scientist. With a heavy focus on theoretical computer science, and his favorite form of programming being functional, he's aiding the Discreet team in building Discript, the programming language that runs natively on our DAG.
Charlotte KnolCreative LeadCharlotte Knol, currently living in the Netherlands, helps Discreet with everything visual, from graphic design, film, illustrations 3D rendering and animation, she plays a role. She's the one responsible for communicating the concept of Discreet to the community through the simplicity of a picture or a video. In her spare time she enjoys perfecting her craft and going on walks.
Pascal Alex HolmStrategic ManagerPascal is a creative brand strategist and digital creative director who has worked with the best agencies in London for over 16 years. He's guided multiple startups from inception to fully fledged brands and for the past few years has primarily focused on crypto related projects.
Shashank MahajanFront-End DeveloperWebsites don't have to be static, I love making pages come to life. Shashank makes web applications mainly using ReactJS. From Web Components and UI/UX animations to ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS and MongoDB. Having a strong preference for easy to use, intuitive UI/UX. In the recent past, he has also dabbled in the freelance world.
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