The final phase of the $DIST pre-sale has now begun.

Frequently asked

The Discreet contract address for BDIS, the Binance Smart Chain token, is:


The contract for EDIS, the Ethereum token, is:


The current price of the BDIS/EDIS tokens are pegged to 0.70 USD.

Originally, the Discreet pre-mainnet token was launched on Binance Smart Chain as BDIS due to high fees on Ethereum. Once fees were lower, Discreet launched a second token, EDIS, on Ethereum. Technically, there is no difference between the two other than the chain they reside on.

Most browser web3 wallets default to the Ethereum network, so you might need to add BSC manually. First, check if the Binance Smart Chain is available as a network to switch to. If not, follow the instructions at Binance Academy, or add a new network using the following credentials:

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Block Explorer URL: