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Discreet Launches Zero Knowledge Archive (ZKXIV)
Development Update
A Privately Funded Research Initiative Focused on Zero-Knowledge Cryptography

The Discreet cryptocurrency project is pleased to announce the launch of the Zero Knowledge Archive (ZKXIV), a privately funded academic arm with a focus on zero-knowledge cryptography.

Discreet is a layer-one cryptocurrency project, integrating cutting-edge privacy and cryptography to create the most private and versatile cryptocurrency on the market, introducing a new paradigm for both open/transparent and fully-private/shielded transactions. Unique among privacy coins, Discreet offers an on-chain programmability function, accessible via a scripting language called PEXOS, based on eUTXO. 

Thanks in part to the research that inspired the creation of ZKXIV, Discreet offers a novel Confidential Proof-of-Stake (CPoS) consensus algorithm called Aurem featuring obfuscated staking amounts, such that even malicious validators cannot unmask the origins of a given transaction, receiver, or even discern the amount of currency it contains.

Discreet intends to use ZKXIV to publish peer-reviewed developments in the areas of particular interest to its developers, namely zero-knowledge cryptography. The primary purpose is to contribute its own open source research to the wider blockchain ecosystem, under the assumption that the marketplace of ideas can only benefit if knowledge is shared to begin with.

ZKXIV will be assisted in its efforts and administration by PhD advisors from various universities with recognized expertise in the areas of math, computer science and, specifically, cryptography. The advisors will also oversee the endowment of periodic grants intended to incentivize and support further research and development within the zero-knowledge field.

Discreet is confident that the work of ZKXIV will be instrumental in helping to eliminate the blockchain trilemma in the zero-knowledge space.

More details regarding ZKXIV will be forthcoming, and details about the Discreet project and its novel and ground-breaking approach to a fully private programmable financial platform and value transfer system is available on

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Media enquiries and interview requests can be directed to Fraser Tingle at [email protected].

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