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The Transparency of Phase Two of Discreet’s IDO Pre-Sale
Development Update
As Phase 1 closes, the next one begins.

Phase One of Discreet’s IDO pre-sale is coming to a close on August 3rd, sixty days after it began in early June. The price will be reset to 10 cents USD per $DIS (pegged to BNB) when Phase Two begins on August 4th 12:03 CET. Over the course of the next year leading up to the launch of Discreet’s mainnet, the price per $DIS will increase incrementally every day, before reaching 50 cents on August 1st, 2022. It will remain at 50 cents until the launch of Discreet mainnet, which is scheduled to occur around that time.

Under the linear price increase model, the least expensive time to buy Discreet will always be “today” during Phase Two of the pre-sale. The price may fluctuate during a given day, according to the price movement of BNB, but will be reset the following day according to the linear price progression specified in the contract, (namely, incremental increases to reach a target price of 50 cents per $DIS by August 1, 2022.)

We appreciate everyone who has supported Discreet during Phase One, and look forward to welcoming many more as we continue to build this exciting platform through Phase Two and beyond.

All transfers of IDO-logic (and IDO liquidity) to a separate contract will be documented with full transparency in an upcoming article.

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