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June 25th — Discreet Development Update
Development Update
Its been a busy week in the offices of Discreet...

This week, our focus was on finalizing our marketing campaign for July, and preparing to launch our newly revamped website, including generating content and building the site itself. There will be a page highlighting the names, photos, and brief bios of our core team members, along with a News section and a place for frequently asked questions.

From a development standpoint, the focus has been on our core cryptographic libraries, which we hope to debut in July. Once the core libraries are complete, we can begin testing the cryptocurrency logic.

Discreet’s back-end developers and core technology developers are splitting time between network testing and mapping out the Discript programming language. Discript is intended to be a general-purpose programming language for Discreet, with immediate application to programmable distributed networks.

We’re exploring different design philosophies as we go. Most of the implementations we’re looking at are already optimized for the languages we’re using (primarily C, and C++). Code review is ongoing, as we seek to continually optimize everything we build. We are also exploring if we can perform batch verification on specialized hardware, (like FPGA, or ASIC, or even GPUs). Doing so would allow us to set up a more complex node structure which will in turn increase the scalability of our network.

We’re aiming for a simple masternode system by the end of 2021, in order to demonstrate that our core coin logic works, and that it can scale to meet the demands of (at least) existing networks, including the highly optimized batch verification times necessary for ring signatures and Bulletproofs. That will be a private testnet, likely EC2 instances deployed on AWS around the globe, after which we can refine the Aleph consensus mechanism and launch Discreet’s public testnet.

Our first implementation of Triptych and our Bulletproofs+ will happen soon, and we’re definitely excited about that!

Check out our roadmap to see where we’re headed, and as always, you can keep up-to-date on the development of Discreet on GitHub .

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