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Discreet is more than the sum of its parts, but its parts are pretty impressive…
Total Privacy
Discreet offers a full spectrum of privacy technologies to ensure spender security, from stealth addresses to fully private transactions. For Discreet users, this means full anonymity: no one can determine your identity from your transactions. This also means full confidentiality: no one can see how much you spend.
Compared to Monero, the leading privacy cryptocurrency, Discreet offers faster, smaller transactions with almost six times the anonymity of Monero. This is possible due to Triptych, a novel algorithm for anonymous transactions.

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Discreet is a DAG, not a blockchain, so we’re capable of unprecedented speed — up to 100,000 transactions per second.
One of the stunning features about our DAG is its speed. Discreet can easily scale to over 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) with confirmation times averaging 3-5 seconds, on par with Visa, and better than every privacy chain put together.
Fair Mining
Discreet offers a fair mining algorithm to incentivize consensus. The consensus process is partially randomized such that every node has an equal chance of mining the next block in the DAG, much like Proof-of-Work. However, consensus is lightning fast, and gives equal rewards to all possible minters of a block.
The new block minted that is at the head of a particular round of consensus includes a coinbase output to the address of the minter of the block for 5 DIST. Additionally, all fees incurred through transactions are also paid out to the minter of the head block in a consensus round.

Additionally, Discreet users can earn DIST by running Trustless Autonomous Compute Nodes (TACNs), which provide Discreet with computational power. Fees from executing smart contracts are paid out to the TACN which performed the computations. Additionally, the Discreet Compute Network ensures all computations are given out fairly to each node through consensus.
Anonymous Contracts
Alongside the programming language is the Discreet Virtual Machine (DVM), a modular execution environment built for running Discreet’s private and public smart contracts. Unlike Ethereum and other programmable blockchains, the DVM scales linearly with the number of compute nodes in the network. Additionally, the utilities of computation are completely separate from the main Discreet network. These two properties of Discreet’s programmable framework make it supreme in speed and throughput.
Special tools for interoperability with other blockchains are provided for decentralized application developers. These come in the form of Discreet’s Paranet concept. As long as a blockchain has a means of reaching consensus, it can be integrated seamlessly with Discreet.
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