How will I exchange my $DIST tokens once Mainnet launches?

Does Discreet use Proof-of-Work?

Does Discreet use Proof-of-Stake?

Can you include notes or other data in an official transaction?

I’ve heard people say Discreet is “six times more private than Monero”. What does this mean?

Why did Discreet launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network instead of something like Ethereum?

Why are you building Discreet?

Why is Discreet a DAG instead of a blockchain?

How can I be sure the team won’t just run away with my money?

Does Discreet have smart contracts?

How long does a transaction take?

Is Discreet going to be user-friendly?

What is Juche SIA?

What is the Discreet Project?

What’s the total supply of $DIS? What are the Tokenomics for Discreet?

What is the difference between $BDIS and $DIST?


The presale page says that people from my country can’t participate. Does this matter?

Has the presale price been adjusted since it launched?

Will the presale be extended beyond the initial 60 days?

When I visit the presale page, the price looks wrong. What’s going on?

What is the hardcap and softcap for the presale pre-sale?

What is the contract address?

What will happen if the softcap or hardcap are not reached during the pre-sale period?

What happens after the pre-sale?

Where can I see Discreet’s price chart?

How will I be able to trade my $DIST?


Is Discreet using Arcturus?

What are the emergencyDrainContract and drainContractAndBurn functions for?

Does Discreet use Mimblewimble or zk-SNARKs or CryptoNote to achieve privacy?

Does Bulletproofs+ work in a DAG?

How does this compare with Tangram?

Will Discreet support hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger?

What is needed to run a Discreet wallet?

Do I have to run a full node to run my own wallet?

Will staking ever be implemented with Discreet?

Does Discreet have transparent transactions or just private ones?

How anonymous are Discreet transactions?

What are shielded addresses? What are transparent addresses?

How do I use a shielded/private address?

What is Dual-Key Shielded Address Protocol (DKSAP)?

How do Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) work in Discreet’s private transactions?

What are one-time destination addresses?

What are transaction public keys?

DAGs have performance problems under adoption. What is Discreet’s solution?

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