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A Discreet Communiqué
Development Update
Discreet Roundup: A Glance Backward and a Leap Forwar

A Discreet Review of 2022

The successful launch of the Discreet Testnet

  • minted over 1 million blocks over thousands of transactions
  • zero network downtime 

Chainlink integration

  • Chainlink approached our team about potential collaboration opportunities, which allowed us to outsource some minor smart contract tasks to a verifiably trustworthy third party. 

Developed a slick wallet for Windows and Linux

  • macOS version coming soon! 

Discreet Team expansion

  • added PhD core team members
  • added cryptographic PhD advisors

The Discreet Year to Come

As we move into 2023, we have some exciting developments in store for the Discreet community. (Don’t forget that our ongoing public pre-sale offering is tentatively set to close in Q2 2023: one last chance to get in on the ground floor!)

One of our most anticipated updates will be the introduction of PEXOS, a programmable extension to the Discreet protocol, making Discreet the equivalent of digital cash. PEXOS will allow for the creation of smart contracts and other programmable functionality, effectively turning Discreet into programmable money.

We also have some exciting exchange listings and partnerships planned to be announced this year, providing more liquidity and accessibility for existing and future Discreet holders.

To further increase the appeal of Discreet, we will also be undergoing a brand refresh in 2023, with a cleaner look and a more widely appealing design aesthetic.

Additionally, we will be implementing our novel Private-Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, Aurem, which will provide improved security and scalability for the Discreet network.

We are focused on facilitating the use of Discreet as a private point-of-sale currency option, making our theoretical use cases a reality. Our ambition is to create a viable and eminently usable real-world currency. Furthermore, we will continue to develop our mobile wallet, along with development of a Metamask-like plugin.

As we continue to expand our team, we will also be pushing for an extensive marketing and educational campaign to help educate people on the necessity for fast and privacy-respecting currencies.

Test Our Network And Get Paid!

You’re invited to help us build the future! If you have 3000 DIST (or can acquire that much), you can receive a 500 DIST airdrop for helping test the robustness of our network, as well as get an early look at the newest developments in Discreet. Details in our Telegram room:

We are excited for what the future holds and look forward to continuing to work with our dedicated community to build a more private and secure digital world. We are looking forward to sharing more updates and advancements with you as we move through the year. Thank you for your continued support, and for sharing our vision of a lightning fast, completely private digital currency.


The Discreet Team

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