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30th of October Discreet launches first testnet
Development Update
Mark your calendars for this monumental step towards the future of private, decentralized finance

Since February 2021, the Discreet development team has tirelessly worked on researching a comprehensive plan to fill the gap in the decentralized finance space for a fast and versatile and uncompromisingly private blockchain.

In June 2021, the initial technical specifications were released in the form of our technical paper, and in August 2021 the first commit to the daemon software was made, in the 14 months that has passed we’ve accomplished an incredible set of milestones, and we’re happy to announce that the tentative release date for the closed alpha testnet is October 30th, 2022.

This testnet will provide users a first-hand experience of the software we’ve been working on, allow for value transfers, and utilizing the Discreet asset for the first time. It will make it easy for developers to interact with the Discreet network, test transactions and develop software that interacts with the Discreet daemon through our documented RPC API.

For users who wish to test network reliability, propagation speed, wallet storage, and other basic blockchain features, the alpha testnet release ships with an accompanying GUI wallet for both Windows and Unix systems that will make it easy to create and manage your wallet, as well as submitting valuable feedback for our engineers to work on as we move towards a beta testnet.

The closed alpha testnet is expected to stay online until the transition to the open beta testnet comes, and then finally mainnet.

We hope you’re excited to jump into the decentralized world of Discreet on the 30th of October 2022.

Updated: This article was updated to reflect the current tentative release date of October 30th, 2022.

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