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Discreetis the future.Imagine a scalable, programmable, and fully decentralized privacy network operating at ludicrous speed.Welcome to Discreet. We've combined the most innovative crypto technologies of the past decade into one incredible project.
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TrustWe know trust is hard to come by in an industry filled with big promises and even bigger disappointments.

We believe in the power of what we're building, and we want you to believe in it too.
peopleTeamOur team continues to grow! Meet the real people who are creating the Discreet crypto project.Meet The Team
gitcatGithubTransparency is important to us. Check out our code, and feel free to audit what we're building.View Github
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What PowersDiscreetDiscreet is comprised of a number of revolutionary technologies that make our privacy features, security, and speed second-to-none.Take a deeper look into what makes Discreet tick.Learn More
FeaturesDiscreet is more than the sum of its parts, but its parts are pretty impressive…
SpeedspeedDiscreet is a DAG, not a blockchain, so we're capable of unprecedented speed — up to 100,000 transactions per second.Learn More
Fair MiningminingFair mining is a cornerstone of the Discreet crypto project. No power-hungry or expensive GPUs required!Learn More
Anonymous ContractscontractsDiscript makes anonymous smart contracts possible. They're more like really, really smart contracts.Learn More
If you want to get somewhere incredible, it helps to have a map.
Check out our roadmap to see where we've been and the extraordinary places we're headed.
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A Discreet Communiqué
As we kick off 2023, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year and incredible progress we’ve made together. It’s hard to believe how much we’ve accomplished in such a short time.
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Discreet is a complex cryptocurrency project with a lot of moving parts. Have a question that isn't addressed here? Reach out via email or on Telegram and we'll add it to our growing database!Read our FAQs
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